Terms of use

With the use of Online Bookmark Manager or Online Bookmark Manager Firefox Plugin the user agree with the here formulated terms of use. Online Bookmark Manager can modify these business relations arisen from the acceptance of the here formulated conditions to every time. A violation of the here formulated conditions through the user leads to his immediate exclusion from the use of this service. Such exclusion can be permanent. Through the use of the pages and services of Online Bookmark Manager and Online Bookmark Manager Firefox Plugin the user accepts the terms of use. If the user is not agreed on the here performed conditions, he can not use Online Bookmark Manager or Online Bookmark Manager Firefox Plugin.

Online Bookmark Manager-Rules

The user is even fully responsible for all actions, that he will do with his Online Bookmark Manager-Account. The mentioned list below contains some, however not all, behavior that can result in canceling the contract with the user:

1. Insult, molestation, threat or financial, physical or psychological damage, misuse or danger of another user of Online Bookmark Manager ;

2. The collection or distribution via Online Bookmark Manager of every kind of information, data, text, files, links, programs or other materials', shortly of contents that Online Bookmark Manager classifies as unlawful, harmful, extortionate, offensive, slanderous, obscene, inflammatory, in a racist way or in another manner;

3. The unsolicited sending of every kind of advertising-material to other Online Bookmark Manager user or every other kind of advertising directed to Online Bookmark Manager user with the help of Online Bookmark Manager. Excluded from that are only exclusively for these purposes designated and explicit as such labeled elements of the service;

4. The intended or unintentional violation of regional, national or international right; this is valid also for every kind of regulations with law character which are applicable during the use of Online Bookmark Manager or in context with the use of Online Bookmark Manager.

Intellectual property

With the registration at Online Bookmark Manager the user declares, that every kind of contents, that he uploads or sends in an other way to Online Bookmark Manager, is not patented, is not author-legal or protected by other owner permission or that the owner of the rights of protected contents allowed that one that send the contents to Online Bookmark Manager. With the transmission of contents to Online Bookmark Manager the user declares expressly, that he consign in this way automatic all rights that affect the relevant contents, within a given time unlimited, irrevocable and not excluding to Online Bookmark Manager.In particular should be named here, are the rights for the use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, distribution, for the integration into other contents and to the production of related contents in every form by means of every known or later developed technology. If the user sends copyright protected contents to Online Bookmark Manager and the user dont have the owner permission, he guarantees with the transmission of this contents to Online Bookmark Manager, that the properties' of the rights at the relevant contents has approved explicit the above-mentioned rights to Online Bookmark Manager.


The owner of an Online Bookmark Manager account and every user of such an account bears every risk itself, particulary the exactness, completeness and utility of all contents, shown in Online Bookmark Manager or received from Online Bookmark Manager, affects. Online Bookmark Manager has the rights, to remove contents, that Online Bookmark Manager evaluate as dangerous, offending or in another manner not with the here formulated conditions compatible.


Online Bookmark Manager respects the privacy of his customers, therefore Online Bookmark Manager do not control, change or publish any private communications, except for legal reasons or trustingly, that this procedure to appear necessary (1), to protect the rights and the property of Online Bookmark Manager (2) to guarantee the safety of his customers.


The use of Online Bookmark Manager happens onto own risk. Online Bookmark Manager does not give warranties of any kind either explicitly or implicitly. Online Bookmark Manager does not guarantee, that Online Bookmark Manager satisfies the user,or that Online Bookmark Manager and Online Bookmark Manager Firefox Plugin is constantly availabe, secure or faultless is.Online Bookmark Manager does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of the information attained via Online Bookmark Manager or Online Bookmark Manager Firefox Plugin. Additional information verbally or in writing obtained from Online Bookmark Manager represent no warranties or promises if they are not explicitly formulated here. The user declares that he use the contents which he received from Online Bookmark Manager into his own responsibility. And therefore he carries the full risk of this use and possibly damages arising from that use. In particular are to be named, data loss or some other damages of the relevant computer system.

Corporate veil

As far as it approves the law, Online Bookmark Manager takes no responsibility for damages that directly, indirectly, accidental or as a consequence arise from the use of Online Bookmark Manager. Online Bookmark Manager takes no responsibility for damages or manipulation of data arise from not authorized accesses. This is also valid, if Online Bookmark Manager was informed about the possibility of such damages.

Termination of contractual relationship

The user or Online Bookmark Manager can end the contractual relationship at every time without any reasons. If an Online Bookmark Manager user-account of was blocked or deleted, the user can not access Online Bookmark Manager as long as he did not obtain an explicit and written permission for this purpose from Online Bookmark Manager after the blocking. In addition it is not allowed for other users to help blocked users to access to the services of Online Bookmark Manager.

Use of Online Bookmark Manager through third party

The user declares, if he makes the use of his account available for third party unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly, that he is fully responsible for (1) all online actions of these persons (2) the control of the access and the use of Online Bookmark Manager through these persons and (3) the consequences of every kind of misuse. The user acknowledges that he is fully responsible for all activities which are carried out with his account.

Partial nullity

If single regulations of this contractual agreement should not be valid according to valid right or if become invalid according to future right, the respective definition should be replaced by the in each case valid formulation. The validity of this contractual agreement as a whole remains uneffected.


If the user should not make any access or login to the "Online Bookmark Manager" in a time frame of 6 months and after an unsuccessful notification via email, the users account with bookmarks and directories will be deleted.

The "Online Bookmark Manager" and the "Online Bookmark Manager Firefox Plugin" are not liable for destroyed, changed, or deleted bookmarks and settings. At the first time, before you use the Online Bookmark Manager or his Firefox Extension safe/backup your bookmarks.

Asks, that the user reads these conditions and the Online Bookmark Manager rules from time to time to inform hisself about updates.

When "Online Bookmark Manager" changes his terms and conditions, the user receives a short info e-mail.

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