What's a Bookmark?


In short: A bookmark is a internet link.

Definition: Bookmark (Internet)

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, www.wikipedia.org)

Bookmarks are pointers – primarily to URLs – built-in to the various Internet web browsers. Bookmarks have been incorporated into almost every browser since the Mosaic browser and are normally stored on the software client. A folder metaphor may be used for organization. Various shareware utilities and server-side web utilities have been developed to better manage bookmarks, yet none has gained widespread acceptance.

The bookmarks within Internet Explorer, created by Microsoft, are called Favorites (or Favourites for those who have chosen the relevant language option). By virtue of the large proportion of people using Internet Explorer, the term Favorite has become virtually synonymous with bookmark in this respect.

Also, in Mosaic web browser (and in old versions of Opera), bookmarks are called Hotlists (see this image for an example), though this term is not widespread, due to the limited popularity of Mosaic.

The most recent development in internet bookmarks was the introduction of live bookmarks by Mozilla Firefox in 2004. Utilizing Web feeds, live bookmarks sit in the bookmarks menu or sidebar like any other, but contain a regularly updated list of links to recent articles supplied by a news site or weblog.


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