News: Osoboo comming soon

Online Bookmark Manager is over. Osoboo will come soon. Osoboo is a new powerfull online social bookmark manager. You like the features of obm, you will love osoboo.

Online Bookmark Manager


What's Online Bookmark Manager?

Online Bookmark Manager is a free bookmark- & favorites service. Store and manage your personal link list in the world wide web. Keep your bookmarks in sync between multiple computers. Join the Online Bookmark Manager now. Sign up in a few seconds and test it.

Furthermore Online Bookmark Manager offers his users a Firefox-Plugin (Extension). Synchronize your bookmarks between browser and internet with a simple click. More comfortable you can not manage your Bookmarks: Firefox-PlugIn.

Access to your Bookmarks any time, everywhere and from any computer. The web page is platform-independent. The Online Bookmark Manager do not require any further programs.


Firefox Plugin
Description Keep your firefox bookmarks in sync between multiple computers and OnlineBookmarkManager.
Plugin Link Download ...

Google ig-Gadget
Add Module Add to Google

Add Module Add to Netvibes

Public bookmarks (MyBookmarks)
Description You need a link list with your bookmarks on your own homepage.

Why do I need an Online Bookmark Manager Account ?

  • I use many operation systems or computers and I want to have the same bookmarks everywhere!
  • At business or at home, from all over the world and anytime I would like to have access to my own Bookmarks!
  • Never again lose your Bookmarks when you buy a new computer or install a new operating system.

What features does the Online Bookmark Manager include?

Most wanted Features:

  • Firefox-Plugin (Extension)
  • Save and manage bookmarks in the internet
  • Manage your bookmarks in a dynamic web portal
  • Import / Export functions
  • Add your individual bookmark list into your own homepage (Distinction between public and private bookmarks)

With Online Bookmark Manager you can manage your:

  • Bookmarks (Links, Favorites)
  • RSS feed Links

Why should you decide to use Online Bookmark Manager?

The Online Bookmark Manager is a new, innovative, professional and free bookmark- & favorite service . A Firefox-Plugin (Extension) synchronize your bookmarks between browser and internet with a simple click. Sign up now. The membership is free and not binding.

Internet increases continuously, there are more and more domains and the Bookmarks become more important. So that you not lose the overview, the Online Bookmark Manager offers a large amount of featues to manage, to store and to keep your bookmarks sync between multiple browsers and the Online Bookmark Manager.

Add your link list to your own homepage. No problem with Online BookmarkManager. Add a personalized hyperlink to your page to link to your bookmarks. Differ between public and private bookmarks. Only public bookmarks will displayed in your link list. So yourself decide, which bookmarks will shown in your link list to visitors and which not.

The Online Bookmark Manager Firefox-Plugin(Extension) is a powerful tool to synchronize your bookmarks between your browsers and the Online Bookmark Manager. The Plugin is innovative, easy to use, quickly installed and free. With the Firefox-integrated-Update-function you always stay on the newest state. Keep your firefox bookmarks in sync between multiple computers and the Online Bookmark Manager -> use this powerfull Plugin!

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